Sequin wearing pigeon’s owner found, real name revealed

The mystery behind the person who owned a fashion forward pigeon that was rescued recently has been solved.

A bird rescue center in Peoria, Arizona, took care of the feathered guest whose brightly colored vest caused many on the internet to wonder where exactly the pigeon lived and who owned it.



Fallen feathers

The Arizona Republic reported someone found the fine-feathered friend near an intersection last week and brought it to the rescue center. The organization posted a picture of the bird and the vest to Facebook.

Jody Kieran, the director of Fallen Feathers, said Friday that nobody came forward to claim ownership of the pigeon found wearing a bedazzled vest at first. During the bird’s stay, it was give the name “Liberace.”

This week the owner of the bird came forward to shed light on its mysterious fashion choices. According to the owner, the bird is actually named Olive and loves bling.

Olive runs the house, as her owner put it, or rather she “not only runs the house, she flies it.”

“Olive took off the bow tie and handkerchief on her flight suit diaper the first day she wore it… so mama replaced them with Swarovski crystals,” the owners write.

Kieran said it’s not uncommon for people to keep pigeons as pets.

CNN contributed to this report.