Watch this naked, glitter-farting troll greet guests at Universal Orlando theme park

Your next trip to Universal Orlando could include a chance encounter with a new naked glitter-farting troll.

And no, that’s not a joke.

Straight from the “Trolls” movie, a character named Guy Diamond is now greeting visitors to the theme park in Orlando, Florida, with his own signature style, as first reported by Attractions Magazine.

A video obtained by Inside The Magic shows Guy Diamond dancing along with two other trolls before he sends a mild torrent of glitter flying from his behind.

“My life is complete!” one woman is heard yelling after he dispelled the glitter.

[embedded content]

As noted by Business Insider, the trio of trolls have six different shows throughout the day. The other two trolls are named Poppy and Branch, according to Attraction Magazine, which reported those two “have been meeting guests at the park for quite a while.”

Now, they are joined by Guy Diamond, described by Dreamworks as “our resident ‘naked glitter Troll,’ with heaps of body confidence and a unique idea of personal space.” While it’s not known exactly when the character was first revealed at Universal Orlando, Business Insider reported that it happened “recently.”

“He is a party on two feet,” Dreamworks wrote on its website.

Some other fun facts about Guy Diamond on the Dreamworks website include: He “speaks in an auto-tune voice” and “is popular, but not pompous.”

Some people on Twitter had fun with the oddball character, while others didn’t get his appeal.

If you’re interested in having your own moment with Guy Diamond, you can check out his show times on Universal Orlando’s website.